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Chrome extensions for speed reading are the topic of our blog post today!

In a digitally staured world, the ability to process and comprehend large volumes of information quickly is more valuable than ever. This is true not just for educators striving to stay abreast of the latest teaching methodologies and scholarly content, but also for students navigating extensive curriculums and resource materials. This is where the role of technology, particularly Chrome extensions designed for speed reading, becomes pivotal.

In this post, I share with you this collection of some of the best Chrome extension you can use to enhance reading speed and efficiency. For teachers, these tools can be a boon, helping to swiftly sift through educational resources, research articles, and preparatory materials. This efficiency can free up valuable time, which can be redirected towards more interactive and personalized teaching. For students, especially those in higher education, these extensions can be instrumental in managing the heavy reading loads, aiding in quicker comprehension and more effective time management.

Moreover, the benefits of these extensions extend to students with special needs. Customizable features in these tools can accommodate diverse learning challenges, including ADHD, dyslexia, and visual processing disorders. By tailoring the reading experience to individual needs, these Chrome extensions can foster a more inclusive learning environment where every student has the opportunity to excel.

Chrome Extensions for Speed Reading

I have tried numerous Chrome extensions and these three stand out as the best:

1. Jiffy Reader

Jiffy Reader is Chrome extension designed to enhance reading speed on any website. It employs a clever technique: selectively bolding parts of words. This approach is rooted in the understanding that the primary bottleneck in reading is not our cognitive processing, but our visual tracking. By making certain parts of words more visually prominent, Jiffy Reader can guide the eyes more efficiently across the text.

Moreover, Jiffy Reader could be particularly helpful for students who struggle with reading. By reducing the visual strain and helping to guide the eye, it might make reading a less daunting task for those who find it challenging. This could potentially improve their overall engagement with the material and enhance their learning experience.

2. Bionify

Bionify is another popular Chrome extensions for speed reading. This open-source text converter is crafted to accelerate reading speed by transforming any public website into a ‘Bionified’ format. Bionify method focuses on highlighting the most concise parts of words. This technique is designed to guide the eye more effectively over the text, enabling the brain to more rapidly recall previously learned words.

However, as with any reading enhancement tool, it’s important to consider individual differences in reading styles and preferences. While Bionify’s method of highlighting concise word parts could facilitate quicker reading for some, others might find it less helpful or even distracting. It’s always beneficial to approach such tools with a mindset of experimentation. Encouraging students to try Bionify and share their experiences can provide valuable insights into how this tool fits into diverse learning strategies.


SwiftRead is a Chrome extension that helps enhance reading speed and efficiency. It’s designed to enable users to read two or three times faster than their normal speed, which can be a significant advantage in an academic setting where large volumes of reading are the norm.

The extension operates using a method known as Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP). This technique is renowned among speed readers for its effectiveness. By presenting words in quick succession at a single focal point, SwiftRead helps to minimize subvocalization (the inner voice that ‘sounds out’ words as we read) and excessive focus on individual words. This approach encourages more visual, and thus quicker, reading while aiming to maintain comprehension.

The PRO version’s support for a wide range of formats, including PDFs, ePUBs, and even Kindle books, broadens its applicability in an academic context. This versatility ensures that it can be used across various types of reading materials, which is essential in a diverse educational landscape.

Final thoughts

Tools like Jiffy Reader, Bionify, and SwiftRead are not just about reading faster; they’re about enhancing the overall learning experience, making it more efficient and accessible for everyone involved.

For educators, these extensions offer a practical solution to the ever-present challenge of time management, allowing them to navigate through vast amounts of information more swiftly. This efficiency can lead to more time for engaging, creative teaching methods and personalized attention to students. For students, these tools are a way to cope with the heavy demands of academic reading, enabling them to absorb knowledge more quickly and effectively, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced educational environment.

Importantly, the potential of these extensions to support students with special needs cannot be overstated. By providing customizable reading experiences, these tools can help level the playing field, offering students with various learning challenges a better chance to succeed in their educational pursuits.

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