The Easiest Pinecone Christmas Ornaments to Make with Kids


Sometimes it is all about the basics. These are the easiest pinecone Christmas ornaments to make with kids. It’s a few minutes of your time, and they have a cherished ornament for years to come!

Burlap lace on fake tree with pinecone ornament hanging
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DIY Pinecone Christmas Ornament

Crafting your own homemade pinecone ornaments is both festive and straightforward. Embrace the holiday spirit by transforming simple pinecones into charming decorations.

This eco-friendly project allows you to recycle and upcycle materials from nature, adding a touch of rustic charm to your Christmas tree. Get inspired by nature’s beauty and create unique ornaments with ease. Discover joy in crafting your personalized decorations this holiday season!

And if you like this rustic look then you will love our pinecone star ornament tutorial. So many things you can make with simple natural elements.

three pinecone ornaments on white blanket

Supplies Needed

Most of what you need for this project is already on hand. Just pick up the pinecones and some holiday ribbon and you’ve got everything needed to make this

pinecones and paint on white table

How to Make a Simple Pinecone Ornament

Video Tutorial:

Clean and dry the pinecones first. Once they are dry, spray them with gold spray paint and set aside to dry.

spray painting pinecone

When the pinecones have dried, use white paint to brush along the edges of each of the scales along the outside. Set it aside to dry.

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When the pinecone is dry, cut a piece of twine to create a hanger. This should be 3″ to 4″ in length for the average holiday tree but can be longer depending on your decoration desires.

Then, create a bow or bows to go on top of your pinecone. You can also buy small holiday bows with bells to add and turn them into a jingle bell ornament.

Glue the twine hanger on top, and then attach the ribbons beside the hanger.

Add more embellishments if desired, then hang from your holiday tree.

pinecone ornament hanging on Christmas tree

Do I Need to Clean the Pinecone Before Making an Ornament?

If you are using pinecones you purchased at a craft store, it isn’t necessary. However, if you are picking them up from your own yard, it is essential to clean the pinecone before using it to make a Christmas ornament. Cleaning the pinecone ensures that it is free from dirt, debris, and any potential pests.

To clean the pinecone, you can gently shake it to remove loose dirt and debris. Then, soak the pinecone in a mixture of water and vinegar for about 30 minutes to disinfect and remove any remaining dirt. Finally, allow the pinecone to dry completely before using it in your ornament crafting.

Christmas pinecone ornament laying on black board with white Christmas lettering

Can I Paint My Pinecones?

Definitely! We already add some white paint to resemble snow, but you can paint the pinecones completely if you prefer.

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Painting pinecones is a fantastic way to add a personal and colorful touch to your DIY Christmas ornaments. You can use acrylic paints in various shades to suit your holiday decor theme.

Before painting, ensure that the pinecones are clean and dry. Then, apply the paint evenly, either covering the whole pinecone or just the tips for a frosted effect. Let your creative imagination run wild, and you’ll have beautifully painted pinecone ornaments that will make your Christmas tree even more delightful!

woman in purple sweater holding pinecone ornament

What Paint is Best for a Pinecone Ornament?

The best paint for a pinecone ornament is acrylic paint. Acrylic paint adheres well to the surface of the pinecone, dries quickly, and comes in a wide range of colors. It also provides good coverage, which is perfect for getting vibrant and even colors on the textured surface of the pinecone.

Of course, spray paint is also good, but for the detail work, I stick with basic acrylic craft paint.

red and green ribbon bows on pinecone ornaments

What Do You Hang a PInecone Ornament From the Tree With?

To hang a pinecone ornament from the tree, you can use a few different materials:

  • Ribbon or String: Tie a piece of ribbon or string around the top of the pinecone, creating a loop to hang it from a branch on the Christmas tree. You can use colorful ribbons to add an extra festive touch.
  • Ornament Hooks: You can purchase ornament hooks or hangers that are specifically designed for hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree. Simply insert the hook into the top of the pinecone, and it’s ready to hang.
  • Floral Wire: Cut a piece of floral wire and twist it around the top of the pinecone, forming a loop to hang it from the tree. Floral wire is sturdy and can easily support the weight of the ornament.
  • Pipe Cleaner: Similar to the floral wire, you can use a pipe cleaner to create a loop for hanging the pinecone ornament. Pipe cleaners are flexible and easy to work with.
pinecone ornament on cream blanket

More Ways to Decorate a Pinecone Ornament

There are numerous creative ways to decorate a pinecone ornament. Here are a few more ideas:

  • Glitter: Apply glue to the tips of the pinecone scales and sprinkle glitter over them. This will give your pinecone ornament a sparkling and festive look.
  • Faux Snow: Create a wintry effect by dusting the pinecone with faux snow instead of white paint.
  • Adornments: Add small decorative items like mini jingle bells, tiny bows, or faux berries to the pinecone using hot glue for an extra festive touch.
  • Personalized Tags: Attach small personalized tags or labels to the ribbon. These can have the name of the family member or a meaningful message.
  • Scented Oils: Infuse the pinecone with a few drops of scented essential oils, like cinnamon or pine, to fill the air with a delightful aroma.
  • Decoupage: Apply decoupage glue and adhere small pieces of colorful tissue paper or festive napkins to the pinecone for a unique pattern or design.
  • Natural Elements: Enhance the pinecone’s natural beauty by adding dried leaves, tiny pine branches, or small pine nuts around the ribbon.

More Christmas Decoration Tutorials

This year, you can fully customize your holiday tree by adding only homemade ornaments. Below are some of our favorite holiday ornament and decoration ideas that you can bookmark to make soon.

Yield: 1

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Pinecone Christmas Ornaments (Easy Craft)

Unleash your holiday spirit with the easiest pinecone Christmas ornament. Quick, simple, and perfect for a cozy, festive feel.

Active Time
15 minutes

Total Time
15 minutes


Estimated Cost


  1. Clean your pinecones and let them dry.
  2. Spray the pinecones with gold paint and let them dry.
  3. Apply white paint on the edges of the pinecone scales and let it dry.
  4. Cut a piece of twine to use as a hanger.
  5. Create a bow or multiple bows for the pinecone.
  6. Glue the twine on top, and attach the ribbons beside it.
  7. You can add more decorations if you like.
  8. Your ornament is now ready to hang on your Christmas tree.


  • Make it a day adventure by going for a nature walk to pick out pinecones to use
  • If making several ornaments, lay them out on newspaper to spray paint all at once

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