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This back-to-school season, Quizlet shipped an entire new suite of features. With a commitment to leveraging the power of AI and innovative technology, Quizlet is making it easier than ever for students to study, retain information and meet their academic goals. Here’s a closer look at Quizlet’s game-changing updates.


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Magic Notes: Turn notes into study material

Quizlet’s Magic Notes feature takes note-taking to a whole new level. Now, students can bid farewell to the tedious task of manually creating study materials. With Magic Notes, it’s as easy as uploading or pasting your class notes to Quizlet and voilà! Quizlet will use the power of generative AI to instantly create outlines, flashcards, practice tests, summaries, essay prompts and more right from your notes. 

Magic Notes gives students everything they need to master their subjects efficiently at their fingertips. With a limit of 40,000 characters, magic notes can transform notes of all magnitudes into digestible study material. No more wasting precious hours preparing materials—now you can dive right into effective studying.

Memory Score: Powered by spaced repetition

Spaced repetition is a proven learning technique that helps students remember information by presenting flashcards, or other study material, at the optimal time. Quizlet now uses spaced repetition flashcards to help you retain information and study more effectively with a Memory Score and scheduled review. As you are studying your flashcards and separating them by ones you know and ones you don’t, our algorithm will keep tabs on your answers and calculate a personalized Memory Score to show how well you understand the material.

Quizlet will then remind you to review your flashcards at the right times so you don’t forget what you’ve learned. By successfully completing these scheduled review sessions, you’ll improve your Memory Score, giving you a clear measure of what material you have memorized!

Benefits of Quizlet’s Memory Score and Scheduled Review

Here are some of the benefits of Quizlet’s Memory Score and Scheduled Review:

  1. Visualize progress and schedule time to review: Quizlet’s spaced repetition feature allows students to visualize their progress with a personalized Memory Score. This score reflects how well they’ve memorized the material and takes the guesswork out of when to study. It recommends optimal review times based on a user’s Memory Score, ensuring that they revisit the material just before they are likely to forget it.
  2. Retain more information: By implementing spaced repetition, Quizlet helps students retain more information. It ensures that they review key terms and definitions precisely when needed, preventing them from forgetting what they’ve learned. This targeted approach minimizes study time while maximizing knowledge retention, making it an incredibly efficient method for learning.

Q-Chat: Your personal AI tutor

Q-Chat offers students the opportunity to engage with a highly adaptable AI tutor tailored to their unique learning styles and knowledge levels. Whether studying German vocabulary or delving into cell meiosis, Q-Chat delivers interactive and adaptive questions through a conversational chat interface. 

Unlike traditional chatbots, Q-Chat is designed to offer more than just basic responses. It provides an engaging and immersive way for users to study and understand various subjects. Users can engage in conversations with their personal AI tutor, deepening their knowledge, challenging themselves and applying what they’ve learned.

Q-Chat can be a valuable tool for many learners, including students and teachers. Here are some potential use cases:

  1. Studying and reviewing: Students can use Q-Chat to quiz themselves on course materials, reinforce their understanding of key concepts and review for exams. The interactive nature of Q-Chat makes studying more engaging and effective.
  2. Language learning: Q-Chat can assist language learners by providing conversational practice, vocabulary quizzes and grammar explanations. It can simulate real-life conversations, helping learners improve their language skills.
  3. Critical thinking development: Q-Chat’s use of the Socratic method encourages critical thinking. It can pose thought-provoking questions, challenge users to analyze information and promote deeper comprehension of complex subjects.

AI-Enhanced Expert Solutions: Conquer homework with ease

Quizlet‘s Expert Solutions now combines expert-written explanations with AI capabilities. Say goodbye to those head-scratching homework problems. This school year, students can access top-notch, step-by-step guidance with the option to delve deeper into key concepts, explore alternate explanations, practice similar problems and even receive personalized AI-powered tutoring—all seamlessly integrated into their study experience.

Brain Beats and Quick Summary

Some final (and fun!) features to look out for include Brain Beats and Quick Summary. Brain Beats transforms study materials into catchy songs for a unique and memorable learning experience. With Quick Summary, Quizlet extracts key concepts from dense readings, providing concise summaries to help you understand the content faster and at the right level.

Quizlet: Leading the way in AI-powered learning

Quizlet’s message to students, educators and parents is crystal clear: Look no further for the best in AI-powered learning. Quizlet has been at the forefront of providing online tools to enhance student learning for over a decade. As we enter this exciting new era of AI-powered education, Quizlet remains committed to using the latest technology to provide students with the best possible learning experiences. From lectures to study sessions and final exams, Quizlet is there every step of the way, dedicated to helping students thrive in their studies and reach their academic goals. Join Quizlet and experience the future of learning today!


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