PS Plus Extra and Deluxe Free, Classic Games for October Announced


Gotham Knights leads the pack of new titles coming to the PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe/ Premium game catalog, this month. Starting October 17, all higher-tier PS Plus members can hop onto their Batcycles and ride around the streets of Gotham City, beating up all kinds of volatile criminals in the hopes of unmasking the enigmatic Court of Owls. Players can switch between Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and the Red Hood throughout the story to investigate Batman/ Bruce Wayne’s death, and build out their character via a gear system. Gotham Knights wasn’t nicely received at launch due to a myriad of performance issues across console and PC, in addition to having a repetitive gameplay loop. It will be available on the PS5 only.

The award-winning literary RPG Disco Elysium is another big entry this month, throwing you into the shoes of an alcoholic amnesiac detective going through an existential crisis, while navigating madness, politics, and the horrors of addiction. Serving as a love letter to tabletop games, its rich narrative leaves several loose-hanging threads to explore, through interrogating characters, solving cases, accepting bribes, and consuming drugs to temporarily boost your stats. Disco Elysium arrives on the PS4 and PS5, and being The Final Cut version, the entire game is voice acted. Follow it up with Eldest Souls, a pixelated top-down souls-like set in a desolate wasteland created by the Old Gods. Armed with a greatsword forged using the purest obsidian, a lone warrior is tasked with defeating them in punishingly difficult boss battles and restore the world back to the way it was. Eldest Souls will be out on PS4 and PS5.

Halloween month calls for horror games, and the October PS Plus catalog brings some pure classics, starting with Alien Isolation where the aspect of fear is intensified by the idea that you’re stranded on a spaceship, lightyears away from Earth. It’s set 15 years after the events of the Alien (1979) film, and follows Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda, as she embarks on a trip into the stars to uncover the truth behind her mother’s disappearance, only to be hunted by a deadly Xenomorph on the prowl. Alien Isolation will be free-to-play for PS Plus Extra and Premium members on October 17. Then there’s Dead Island Definitive Edition, where an eclectic group of four are caught amidst a zombie outbreak on the tropical island of Banoi; forced to crack open infected skulls, smash heads, and slice down appendages to survive.

In Outlast II, two investigative journalists, tracking clues on the seemingly impossible murder of a pregnant Jane Doe, are pulled into a dark and corrupt Arizonian town, where a plump cultist Sullivan Knoth carries out ruthless murders under the Lord’s name. Those looking for a more plot-heavy affair can check out The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes, in which a group of Special Forces excavating for weapons of mass destruction end up uncovering a long-buried Sumerian temple — a nest for some deadly creatures. It can be played in co-op mode, as well.

All these and more were unveiled on the PlayStation Blog and will be available exclusively to PS Plus Extra and Deluxe members in October (PS Plus Deluxe is called PS Plus Premium in select markets). Last month’s catalogue included NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139…, Sed Meier’s Civilization VI, and This War of Mine to name just a few.

Here’s the complete list of free games available to PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe/ Premium subscribers, starting October 17.

The blog post also lists the PS Plus Classics catalogue for October, available exclusively to PS Plus Deluxe/ Premium members. This month brings Tekken 6, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, Ape Escape Academy, and IQ Final.

PlayStation Plus Deluxe subscription starts in India from Rs. 849 per month, whereas the Extra subscription begins at Rs. 749 per month.

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