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I recently stumbled upon Presentory, an AI-powered presentation tool, and let me tell you—I’m downright impressed. As someone deeply entrenched in educational technology, it takes something special to make me go, “Wow, this could really make a difference in classrooms,” and Presentory does just that. 

Presentory is packed full of features that cater to various audiences including educators and learners. Based on my first interaction with the tool, I believe Presentory has the potential to revolutionize how you teach, learn, and share knowledge, thanks to its AI capabilities. 

Best part? It’s super accessible. You can use it online, and if you’re a Windows user, go ahead and download it for a more seamless experience. Mac users don’t fret—There is an online version that you can try.

Curious to know more about Presentory? In this post, I will explore the nuts and bolts of this fascinating tool and explore how video presentations—especially ones created with Presentory—are shaking up the educational landscape for the better.


Presentory features

I’ve been working with presentation tools for as long as I can remember, and this one has some innovative twists that could make your teaching life a heck of a lot easier. Here are some of its stand-out features:

Craft Quality Lessons Like A Pro

First off, let’s talk about how Presentory can help you create high-quality lessons without breaking a sweat. Imagine walking into your classroom (or logging into your virtual classroom, whichever it is these days) armed with lessons that look sleek and are full of engaging content. That’s the kind of quality we’re talking here.  Templates and design elements are ready at your fingertips, so you’re not pulling your hair out trying to make a beautiful PowerPoint slide from scratch. 

Captivating and Immersive Learning Experience

Presentory comes with a rich range of transitions, animations, and even stickers. Those little touches, like adding a funny instructional sticker, can do wonders to keep your students’ eyes glued to the screen. Plus, you’ve got limitless creative potential, thanks to the Presentory Resource Store. You can select anything from a cutesy, cartoony vibe to something more high-tech and sophisticated. Different strokes for different folks—or in this case, different classes!

Teleprompter: No More Script Fumbles

We’ve all been there standing in front of a class and forgetting the next point. But with Presentory’s teleprompter feature, you can focus more on the delivery and less on remembering what comes next. It’s like having a co-teacher who’s got your back, ensuring you can maintain that all-important eye contact with your students. No more awkward paper shuffling or panicked glances at your notes. You can also amplify this with facial expressions that genuinely connect with your audience. This combination of virtuality and reality in a teaching setting is a killer duo.

Break the Traditional Walls 

Presentory isn’t just confined to your classroom walls; you can easily share these high-quality, engaging presentations via cloud collaboration. Better integration with meeting and streaming platforms also means that you’re not limited by which medium you’re using to connect with your students. So, not only are you breaking the spatial barriers, but you’re also making education more accessible.

Screen Recording

The screen recording feature in Presentory is a real gem for anyone looking to implement a flipped classroom model. If you’ve ever tried flipping your classroom, you know the headache of finding the right tools to create those essential pre-recorded lectures. 

Presentory’s screen recording function takes the pain out of the process, enabling you to record your screen with audio effortlessly. This means you can walk your students through a PowerPoint slide, show them how to navigate a specific software, or annotate a text, all while explaining it vocally. Once it’s recorded, share it with the class before the actual lesson, and voilà—you’ve set the stage for a more interactive and engaging in-person session.

Virtual Camera: Streamline Your Real-Time Engagement

For those who conduct synchronous online classes or live workshops, this feature is a key. You can easily turn your recorded or pre-prepared presentation into a live broadcast, bringing a polished, professional touch to your real-time interactions. It seamlessly integrates with popular meeting and streaming platforms, removing the need for complicated third-party software. The benefit here isn’t just the ease but also the ability to maintain a high level of engagement and eye contact with your audience. 

Import Pre-recorded Videos

For educators out there, you’ll be thrilled to know that Presentory has a fantastic feature that allows you to import pre-recorded videos. This is key especially if you’re looking to enhance your virtual classroom experience. You can seamlessly integrate these videos to play alongside your live presentation, adding a dynamic element to your teaching. Imagine the possibilities: You can cue up a science experiment video, historical footage, or any educational clip that complements your lesson, all while continuing to engage with your students in real-time. This truly opens up a new dimension in interactive teaching and learning

Added Bonuses

– PPT Integration: Import your old teaching materials easily.

– Instructional Stickers: Pre-designed, so you’re not starting from zero.


Advantages of Video Presentations Over Traditional Methods

I’m sure we’ve all sat through those traditional presentations that were—let’s be honest—a snooze fest. Static slides, monotonous delivery, and let’s not even talk about the endless bullet points. With the widespread of video presentation tools such as Presentory, things have drastically changed. Indeed, video presentations have radically transformed content creation and sharing and for a bunch of excellent reasons:

Grabs Attention Like No Other

First things first, nothing captures attention like a good video. Traditional presentations are often a one-way street; the teacher talks, and the students listen (or zone out). However, video presentations create a narrative, tell a story, and engage the audience. 

This isn’t just my opinion; multiple studies have pointed out that storytelling is one of the most potent tools for improved attention and retention (Zak, 2014). Imagine opening your presentation with a short video clip that sets the stage for your lesson. You’ve got their attention now, and you can use that momentum to drive home the critical points.

Rich Content that Pops

Traditional presentations are limited in what they can show. Even with the fanciest slide transitions, there’s only so much you can do. Video presentations break through this limitation. You can use animations, effects, background music to make your content rich and varied. And let’s not forget, this kind of dynamic content can make complex subjects more understandable. For instance, an animation illustrating the process of photosynthesis is going to make a far deeper impression than a static slide with text.

Understanding that Sticks

Speaking of complex topics, videos provide a multifaceted approach to presenting information. It’s not just about listening; it’s also about seeing, interpreting, and connecting. The combination of audio, visual elements, and even interactive components can significantly enhance the depth of understanding. 

Accessibility for All

Traditional presentations can be difficult for students with specific needs, like those who are hearing-impaired. Video presentations can be tailored to be more inclusive. Think subtitles, visual cues, or even interactive transcripts. This adaptability opens doors to make your content accessible to a broader range of students.

Tips and tricks to create engaging presentations using Presentory

Here are some practical tips to amp up your Presentory presentations:

1. Template Magic

 Use Presentory’s pre-designed templates to kickstart your presentation. They’re specifically designed for educational content, so you’re already a step ahead in engagement.

2. Utilize AIGC

Let the AI assistant help you in structuring your presentation. It streamlines the design process, leaving you more time to focus on content.

3. Incorporate Interactivity

Make use of animations, transitions, and instructional stickers. These features grab attention and can make complex ideas more digestible.

4. Teleprompter for the Win

Jot down key points or even your whole script in the teleprompter section. This ensures you cover everything without stumbling during live sessions.

5. Screen Record Tutorials 

If you’re explaining software or a website, the screen recording feature is your best friend. It’s a more interactive way to guide your audience through a process.

6. Cloud Share

After you’ve created your presentation, use the cloud sharing option to distribute it. This allows for real-time updates, making your content dynamic and current.

7. Virtual Camera for Live Sessions

Planning a synchronous learning session? Flip the virtual camera on and your prepared slides become a live broadcast, enhancing real-time engagement.

Presentory Creator Fund

Ready for some extra excitement? Presentory is stepping up its game with a $1000 Creator Fund, designed to reward your creative video endeavors. Here’s the quick rundown: Craft a video that either showcases Presentory’s features or includes its watermark, post it on social media with the hashtag #PresentoryCreatorFund, and then watch those views climb. 

Once you’re happy with your video’s reach, fill out a submission form, and you could snag that $1,000 prize. It’s an easy and fun way to get rewarded for diving deep into Presentory’s capabilities while sharing your insights. So why not give it a shot?


In wrapping this up, Presentory combines the power of AI, design, and instructional effectiveness into one neat package. It resonates with my personal aim of making teaching not just informative but also engaging. And in this era where EdTech is revolutionizing how we teach and learn, tools like Presentory are more than just a ‘nice-to-have’; they’re a necessity.


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