Lakme Fashion Week kicks off with Lakme Glitterati X Raw Mango


Raw Mango, the creative vision of Sanjay Garg, opened Lakme Fashion Week in partnership with FDCI in New Delhi. Aptly titled ‘Children of the Night’, the collection drew inspiration from the enigmatic world that comes alive after dark, drawing from the haven of darkness. The evening was an homage to the pioneering spirit of Lakme, as it launched the ‘Glitterati’ collection. The showcase saw a constellation of stars descend at the venue – with Karisma Kapoor, Kalki Koechlin and Saba Azad walking the runway.

The Lakme Glitterati collection set the ramp on fire with the debut of Lakme looks for Festive 2023 – Shimmer Siren, Rainbow Burst and Glitter Bomb. These looks are the first three of a series of six trends developed by Lakme over this year, with makeup-artist to the stars – Daniel Bauer. Lakme Glitterati promises to be the desired beauty choice for women across skin tones and types, who want to make bold, glittering, style statements this festive season.

Sanjay Garg creatively dreamt up ‘The Children of the Night’ and with his design energies paid homage to the Lakme Glitterati range. It was a collection aimed at women who are confident, carefree and unapologetic. Sanjay Garg’s inspirations have always been many-fold and have emerged from powerful dance performances to surreal sculpture forms. A master creator of textile’s warp and weft, Garg’s expertise in woven fabrics was on show on the runway. His garments displayed a clever mastery over drapes, surface embellishments and constructions that are precise, sharp and universally desired, the company said in a press release.

Each garment was a vision of design innovation, as a mix of silhouettes of simple or complex, traditional, or fusion appeared in quick succession in the show.

At the launch of the Glitterati collection, Harman Dhillon, vice president skin care and colour cosmetics at Hindustan Unilever Limited, said, “With the festive season around the corner, Lakme has launched our Glitterati collection – a trendsetting innovation set to cater to contemporary beauty preferences, providing innovative and versatile glitter makeup direction. Lakme Glitterati’s opening show with Raw Mango at Lakme Fashion Week in partnership with FDCI, is a celebration of all things beauty x fashion. With innovations and a never-seen-before design language, Sanjay Garg’s avant-garde spin is a perfect complement to Lakme’s newly launched range. Together, we are delighted and proud to have created an immersive fashion and beauty experience unveiling trending glitter makeup looks.”

“Raw Mango has elevated weaves, giving them a contemporary makeover to serenade a wider audience. After an eight-year-long hiatus, he has returned to showcase at the Lakme Fashion week X FDCI. We are delighted to have him as the opening act, to set the rhythm, with his eclectic offerings,” Sunil Sethi, chairman FDCI, said.

“In the collaboration with Lakme’s new Glitterati Collection for Lakme Fashion Week X FDCI opening show, Raw Mango’s ‘Children of the Night’ collection found its true essence—a celebration of the energy that accompanies the evening. Each garment in the collection includes innovations in textiles, including brocade imparting a sense of knitwear, kaleidoscopic weaves and an incredible range of gleaming metallics – elements of surprise woven with the DNA that roots us. It was an evening of pure creative magic,” Sanjay Garg, the creative visionary behind Raw Mango, said.

“My association with Lakme has been an enriching journey, more so this time, with the launch of the new Lakme Glitterati Collection. Together we have painted the world with a glittering shade and transformed faces into canvases that radiate with the timeless power of sparkle and glitter. Raw Mango’s ‘Children of the Night’ collection added a unique dimension to this journey with its design innovations. I’m thrilled to have been part of this unique collaboration, where beauty seamlessly merged with fashion, resulting in a dazzling symphony of creativity,” Daniel Bauer, official makeup artist for Lakme at Lakme Fashion Week X FDCI, said.

Sanjay Garg’s Raw Mango opened Lakme Fashion Week with a collection titled ‘Children of the Night,’ inspired by enigmatic world that comes alive after dark.
The event also marked the launch of the ‘Glitterati’ collection, featuring Karisma Kapoor, Kalki Koechlin, and Saba Azad on the runway.
The collection introduced three makeup trends for festive 2023.


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