Lake Elsinore Storm update eye-conic logo

When the Single-A Lake Elsinore Storm announced that they would be updating their brand, logo enthusiasts feared for a mark that has been a staple of minor league baseball since 2001—the team’s iconic eye logo. Those fears were allayed with the unveiling of the team’s first brand update in 22 years. The team’s new look features an updated typographic treatment, while the eyes remain intact.

Storm logo, 1994–2001

The debuted in 1994 with a logo that featured a literal storm, complete with thunder cloud, lightning, and type that evoked fierce wind—an interesting choice for a team that plays in the arid climate of southern California. In 2002 the team ditched the cloud and the breezy type and the lightning bolt and even the words “Professional Baseball Team,” but they kept one thing—the eyes—the eyes of the storm, as it were.

Storm logo, 2002–2023

The new look maintains the red and black color palette and eyes, whose popularity has extended beyond the baseball team and into the realm of Lake Elsinore’s extreme sport enthusiasts.

In particular, the standalone eye logo, a staple of the team’s suite of marks, remains unchanged.

Lake Elsinore Storm, new logo

The team will take to the field in its new look in April 2024.

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