Israeli couple who were killed protecting their twin babies from Hamas gunmen


Tel Aviv — The uncle of twin babies who miraculously survived alone for 14 hours after their parents were slain by Hamas militants in southern Israeli described Friday the agonizing hours of not being able to reach the infants.  

“We woke up to literally hell,” said Dvir Rosenfeld, who lived in the Kfar Aza kibbutz, the site of one of the deadliest scenes, when Hamas gunmen invaded southern Israel from Gaza in the early morning hours of Oct. 7.

Rosenfeld hid with his wife and child in a shelter. But his sister, Hadar Berdichevsky, was murdered trying to feed her twin boys.

Rosenfeld believes she was likely killed when she left her own shelter.

“I know for sure that is what happened,” Rosenfeld said. “She went out to bring the bottles, because they said that there were bottles on the floor. And when she did, they just got into her apartment.”

Hadar’s body was found in the kitchen. Her husband, Itay Berdichevsky, was found between the beds of their 10-month-old babies, who survived.

“I know that Itay died trying to protect them,” Rosenfeld said. “And I can’t imagine what he been through knowing his wife just got murdered, and his two sons are next to him, and he’s the only thing between the terrorists and the babies.”

The twins were alone for 14 hours before they were rescued.

“And we got, like, messages from the neighbors,” Rosenfeld said. “They’re hearing the twins crying, crying for 14 hours, crying because they basically stayed alone. No food, no water, no nothing.”

Rosenfeld explained that no one could leave their shelters and go to the twin babies because Hamas militants were still waiting outside.

“Their neighbor tried a couple of times (to reach them), but every time he did, the terrorists just got into his house and tried to kill him as well,” Rosenfeld said. “I met him outside, and he cried and asked me for forgiveness because he couldn’t help.”

Rosenfeld said he wanted to rush to their aid.

“I wanted to leave the shelter and go there, like, if not my wife,” Rosenfeld said. “She told me like, ‘With all due respect, I understand, it hurts. But if you do it, they’ll live with no uncle, and he’ll (Rosenfeld’s son) live with no father.'”

Israeli military secret agents finally rescued the babies.

“They were all wet because of the sweating and the crying,” Rosenfeld said. “So they changed then the diapers. They took clothes from the neighbors, because they didn’t know where the clothes are. So from the photo, you see, the pink. We didn’t know where the pink came from.”

Rosenfeld took CBS News to meet the twins, Roi and Guy, whose parents have not yet been buried.

The Rosenfelds always believed there would be twins in this generation.

“Because it skips a generation and comes from the mother,” Rosenfeld said. “And my grandfather, he had two pairs of sisters, twins.”

Rosenfeld’s grandfather’s sisters all died in the Holocaust, he disclosed, which makes the survival of these twins an even bigger miracle.

Donations have been pouring in for the family, including strollers, car seats and toys. But most importantly, the twin boys are surrounded by a large and loving family.  

“They’ll be raised with a lot of love, and a lot of stories about their parents,” Rosenfeld said. “…I think what’s important is to tell them that their parents were heroes.”

As of Friday, the death toll in Israel from the Hamas attack has risen to at least 1,300, with another 3,200 wounded, according to Israeli Defense Forces.

In the Gaza Strip, at least 1,900 people have been killed in the Israeli military’s counterattacks, and more than 7,600 wounded, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. 


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