Golden Knights, Kraken 2024 Winter Classic Sweaters Revealed


For the second time in two days, a 2024 NHL Winter Classic jersey has been revealed via an unannounced post from another sport’s official social media account.

Following yesterday’s Seattle Kraken reveal courtesy of the NBA’s Utah Jazz of all things, today we got to see the jersey that will be worn by the Vegas Golden Knights — along with another look at the Kraken sweater. This time, it’s all thanks to a livestream posted to the official social media account of All Elite Wrestling.

It’s either cross-promotional genius or a desperate (but ultimately successful) attempt at generating attention… it all depends on how you personally feel about the National Hockey League, in general. Regardless, this seems to be an intentional attempt from the NHL to generate interest from a supposed “leak” before the official unveiling, whenever that would be.

Skipping over the how, let’s focus on the what… and today, that’s the 2024 Vegas Golden Knights Winter Classic sweater.

It’s largely underwhelming, at least what we’ve seen so far. A fairly plain white (or off-white?) sweater with single gold stripes on either sleeve and one around the waist, a gold shoulder yoke and collar with a massive dark grey “V” logo on the chest with gold frills.

The logo on the chest matches what we saw on a leaked retail ballcap back in August. I don’t know enough about Las Vegas to have an idea what the design is in reference to; it doesn’t match anything obvious to me – it could be just “generic Golden Knights-style imagery.” Ditto for the sweaters.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure this will be a case of “wait till we see the whole package,” which is the risk you take with these slow-drip uniform unveilings.

Last night’s Seattle Kraken leak was a clear reference to the uniforms worn by the 1910s Seattle Metropolitans, former Stanley Cup Champions, and a member of the old PCHA — one of several major league professional hockey leagues that floated around in the early years of the sport.

The 2024 Winter Classic will be held on January 1, 2024, at T-Mobile Park in Seattle between the host Kraken and Vegas Golden Knights.


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