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Garmin has launched its new Garmin Marq Carbon collection – the next generation of its supercharged (and expensive) sports watch range.

The Marq Carbon case is made from 130 layers of carbon fiber, and it’s the lightest in the Marq line-up.

The strap is made from perforated FKM leather, nylon or silicone.

On the tech front, there’s an AMOLED display with a domed sapphire lens, for extra ruggedness and 16 days of battery life.

All of the new Marq Carbon collections get multi-band GPS with SatIQ, which saves on battery power, TOPO maps, and the new sleep tracking, sleep coach, and Body Battery improvements.

There are three members of the new Garmin Marq Carbon range: Athlete, Golfer and Commander.

A breakdown of the new features for each is below. We’ve listed their eye-watering prices too:

MARQ Athlete – Carbon Edition ($2.950)

  • Metrics: Endurance score, Hill Score, Training Readiness
  • Training Features: PacePro, Garmin Coach, daily suggested workouts, real-time stamina, and race widget.

MARQ Golfer – Carbon Edition ($3,100)

  • Preloaded Courses: Over 43,000 golf courses from around the world.
  • Virtual Caddie: Provides club recommendations based on various factors.
  • Shot Dispersion Chart: Assists with assessing hazards and club choices.
  • PlaysLike Distance: Adjusts yardages for elevation changes and other conditions.
  • Green Contour Data: Available with an active Garmin Golf app membership, showing the slope direction on select courses.

MARQ Commander – Carbon Edition ($3,200)

  • Night Vision: Screen readable with night vision goggles, and a stealth mode for operational security.
  • Security: Includes a kill switch to wipe all user memory if security is compromised.
  • Tactical Features: Dual-position format, Jumpmaster, and projected waypoints. Advanced aviation features for airborne operations.
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