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A new home has been built for one lucky, large feathery friend in Kingston, Ont.

An eagle’s nest platform was installed in the city’s east end.

What started as just a hole in the ground will now be a new nesting ground.

The platform, which looks very similar to an osprey nest platform, was installed at Path of Peace on Highway 15, funded by donations given to Landscape Ontario.

“One of the first and most powerful pieces of information were about habitat,

and building habitat. They are doing that with botanicals, but those botanicals then lead to the insects, which then leads to the birds,” said Rhonda Derue, a member of Landscape Ontario.

Just after the hole was dug, the Indigenous leaders made offerings before the pole was installed.

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These offerings are made to make amends with the earth after using machinery to dig, and to show what it will be used for.

“To acknowledge that this is being done to the earth. When we did our ceremony it’s about acknowledging that, making an apology in a way. Also talking about the intention, which is to create habitat,” said Path to Peace co-chair Maureen Buchanan.

Path to Peace is an Indigenous space that grows food and provides a naturalized area for ecosystems to flourish.

By adding this new eagle’s nest platform, and by potentially housing an osprey or eagle family, it would allow the overall ecosystem at Path to Peace to thrive even further.

“I think the eagle’s nest, the potential space there for either osprey or an eagle to nest, is part of creating that habitat. And this area is very close to the great Cataraqui River,” added Buchanan.

Now, with the nesting platform fully installed, it will take a while before an osprey or eagle to make it their home. We will have to wait until spring before any feathery friends move in.

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