AI can teach math teachers how to improve student skills

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain When middle school math teachers completed an online professional development program that uses artificial intelligence to improve their math knowledge and teaching skills, their students’ math performance improved. My colleagues and I developed this online professional development program,

Reassessing what we can expect from peptides in disease detection

Graphical Abstract. Credit: Analytical Chemistry (2023). DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.3c03127 Based on blood tests, it is possible to detect rare genetic diseases, recognize cancer, or determine the inflammation level in the body. Moreover, due to the rapid development of medical diagnostics based on biofluid

Catalyst makes drugs inside the body to minimize side effects

Catalytic olefin metathesis in blood. (A) A primary requirement for applying transition-metal catalyzed reactions in blood is to protect their activity to avoid rapid deactivation by numerous serum proteins, metabolites, and blood cells. (B) A Ru–Cl ruthenium complex encased by human serum

Conjoined ‘racetracks’ make new optical device possible

Soliton pulse pair generation in two- and three-coupled-ring microresonators. a, Schematic showing coherent pulse pairs that form a composite excitation. The inset is a photomicrograph of the two-coupled-ring resonator used in the experiments. Rings A and B are indicated. Scale bar, 1 mm.

Major breakthrough for severe asthma treatment

A landmark study has shown that severe asthma can be controlled using biologic therapies, without the addition of regular high-dose inhaled steroids which can have significant side effects. The findings from the multinational SHAMAL study, published in The Lancet, demonstrated that 92%

Suburban backyard home to more than 1,000 species

A challenge among three housemates to identify species around their inner-Brisbane home has resulted in an academic research paper, showcasing the rich biodiversity in urban landscapes. UQ mathematician Dr Matt Holden, ecologist Dr Andrew Rogers and taxonomist Dr Russell Yong took a

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