Another fake nurse caught trying to get work in B.C. hospitals, college says | CBC News


The B.C. College of Nurses and Midwives has issued a public advisory about a woman they say has been pretending to be a nurse and trying to get work in a hospital.

The college says Charrybelle Talaue, who uses several pseudonyms, is not a registered nurse and has never been one.

Talaue may also use the names Charrybelle Perez Talaue, Charrybelle Talaue Baldesancho, Belle Talaue, Belle Marie, Charrybelle Baldesancho or Charie Talaue, according to the public notice.

She could also be using the name of a real registered nurse, Yves Anglehart, or variations of that name including Belle Yves Talaue Anglehart or Yves Belle Anglehart.

The public advisory doesn’t include any further details about which hospitals Talaue was applying to work at, how many she applied to, or how the alleged deception was discovered.

The news follows the high-profile 2021 arrest of Brigitte Cleroux, a serial imposter who worked as a perioperative nurse at B.C. Women’s Hospital for a year, despite having no credentials.

Cleroux is currently facing 17 criminal charges, including allegations of assaulting 10 patients, related to her time at B.C. Women’s.

She has also been charged with impersonation and fraud against a dental surgeon in Surrey, B.C., and fraud and assault related to her time working at a private surgery clinic in the Victoria area.


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