Amita Gupta & Swatti Kapoor open Sustainable Fashion Day at LFW


Amita Gupta and Swatti Kapoor opened the Sustainable Fashion Day at Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) in partnership with FDCI with diverse collections. The Amita Gupta sustainable brand has always been its deep affection for nature and its care for the environment. Keeping in mind the inspiration, ‘The Age of Urban Reforestation’ from the brand was focused on it and unveiled sustainable fashion that not only projected the latest trends and styles but was committed to the environment at Lakmé Fashion Week.

The brand ensured that the collection not only looked good, but also added all the right elements for the environment. To match the mood there were earthy tones for organic textures as the fluid silhouettes made an impact on the runway. With sustainability as the core, the fabrics were ethically sourced with pre-planned weaving as per the design requirements.

Here, it was the selection of organic khadi cotton that proved just perfect for the collection. Wastage was minimal with buttons, pockets and practical bags created from fabric waste. In addition, the warp waste yarns were turned into stylish cords to embellish the ensembles.

“We stand for sustainability and truly believe that sustainability is the thread that weaves the future of fashion. Our collection is a testament to the power of eco-conscious design. Each garment represents our commitment to a harmonious coexistence between style and the planet, where fashion is a force for positive change,” Amita Gupta said.

Swatti Kapoor’s ‘Sahaara’ collection inspired by the vast expanse of the largest, hot desert in the world situated on the African continent, had a marked bohemian appeal at Lakmé Fashion Week in partnership with FDCI.

The ‘Sahaara’ collection design directions and inspirations aimed at the global nomad, were taken from desert rose or adenium obesum for the intricate motifs that created the wooden block printing.

With the expanse of the grand Sahaara stretching through countries like Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Mali and Morocco, the collection obviously reflected the beauty and grandeur of those regions. Keeping the focus on sustainability, the line ensured that the fabrics matched the vision of the designer.

Fine Chanderi in 40-50 grams, along with fine khadi mul, self-striped Chanderi, handwoven cotton/silk were woven in Bengal, while the eleven hues observed in the look created a colourful medley and brought the ensembles to vibrant life. Detailing was at the base of the collection when intricate pleating, block printing and great hand embroidery balanced the fabric manipulation and beaded hand work skilfully. The apparel had a colourful vibe around it with fluid feminine silhouettes and accessorised perfectly.

“SAHAARA’ spring summer 2024 is an exhilarating fusion as the nomadic spirit intertwines with the revival of Lakmé Fashion Week X FDCI in New Delhi. The collection echoes the African desert’s grandeur—bohemian, vibrant, and layered in motifs. Inspired by the desert rose, each wooden block print narrates a story. Across the Red Sea, we celebrate cultures from Egypt to Malia as fashion meets wanderlust,” Swatti Kapoor said.

Amita Gupta and Swatti Kapoor kicked off Sustainable Fashion Day at LFW in collaboration with FDCI with eco-friendly collections.
Amita Gupta’s ‘The Age of Urban Reforestation’ collection emphasised sustainability with earthy tones and ethically sourced organic khadi cotton and Swatti Kapoor’s ‘Sahaara’ collection drew inspiration from the African desert.


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