50 Plant Displays: DIY Ideas and Products


Keeping plants is a rewarding hobby for a lot of us. One of the reasons for this is that it does not take a lot of money to start. You can spend just a few dollars to get something like snake plants or philodendrons.

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But, the low prices of these plants sometimes make us forget that we have bought too many of them. Before we know it, we’ve filled all of our living space with them and now trying to find a way to display these plants appropriately.

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1. Painted Pinecone and Upcycled Tin Can Planter

Painted Pinecone and Upcycled Tin Can Planter

This painted pinecone and upcycled tin can planter idea is a very unique and fun one for the truly creative types. The textured outer layer complements the nature-y appeal of whatever you decide to plant inside of it.

2. Faux Leather Planter

Faux Leather Planter

This DIY project puts a creative twist on an otherwise ordinary planter. The pot is wrapped in a faux leather material, and wheels are also included to make moving easy.

3. Repurposed Soda Can Flower Planter

Repurposed Soda Can Flower Planter

If you have any empty soda cans lying around, as many of us do, you’d be remiss not to try out this crafty DIY project, turning it into a unique, open-sided planter. It’ll surely catch some attention from your next guests!

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4. Elegant Green Planter

Elegant Green Planter

Usually, just throw our food cans into the trash once we’ve emptied them. This DIY planter idea will show you how to make elegant planters out of them!

5. Rustic Woven Denim Basket Planter Cover

Rustic Woven Denim Basket Planter Cover

Who says denim is outdated? Not us! If you already have a planter but want to spruce it up a bit, check out this DIY project that uses scrap denim to create an intriguing rustic appeal.

6. Outdoor Wall Planters

Outdoor Wall Planters

Black planters are great, but sometimes they get a little monotonous. Make this DIY project to add more pops of colors to your outdoor area.

7. Poured Paint Planter

Poured Paint Planter

Using a pouring technique, this DIY project allows you to learn how to create a stunning dripping effect. You can use any colors you like and make the same effect.

8. Pretty Pallet Planters

Pretty Pallet Planters

Pallets have been a favorite for DIY enthusiasts for a long time. This easy-to-make project allows you to make use of any pallet wood you have, even if there are only scraps.

9. Vintage Seed Packet Planters

Vintage Seed Packet Planters

Back in the day, people bought seeds in large quantities and used cans to distribute them. Make this upcycling project if you ever come across these pretty items.

10. Mid-Century RibbedPlanter

Mid-Century RibbedPlanter

This planter is lightweight and will look good in any room, especially if it has a mid-century design. Also, it is recyclable, thanks to the plant-based material.

11. Ladybug Plastic Bottle DIY Planter

Ladybug Plastic Bottle DIY Planter

This DIY planter idea is super cute and a great project to start with your kids – especially if they like ladybugs! Not only is the result adorable, but it fits right in with the Spring season.

12. Laundry Basket Strawberry Planter

Laundry Basket Strawberry Planter

If you’re hoping to create a planter out of something you already have right in the house, you’re in luck. All you need for this creative idea is a laundry basket you’re no longer using! It’s a great planter for strawberries, as the leaves can pop out from the sides.

13. Cottage-Style Topiary Base

Cottage-Style Topiary Base

Did you know that you can make a beautiful display for your climbing vines out of old metals? To keep the price tag low, look for a used urn planter.

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14. Hanging Hoop Planter

Hanging Hoop Planter

Hanging planters like these always add great visual appeal to various settings, both outdoor and indoor. This planter project will show you how to add a contemporary twist to them.

15. Cute Cat Stained Glass Flower Pots

Cute Cat Stained Glass Flower Pots

These adorable pots are must-haves for succulent lovers! Each of them is handcrafted, and it can also be used as a candle holder or a dried flower display.

16. Homemade Concrete Planters

Homemade Concrete Planters

Concrete planters are great for aspiring growers, not only because they are easy to care for but also because they are very easy to make!

17. Drink Bucket Planter

Drink Bucket Planter

If you live on a farm, chances are you have old galvanized tubs lying around. Turn them into these gorgeous planters if you think your animals deserve an upgrade.

18. Moroccan Tile Planter

Moroccan Tile Planter

To complete this simple project, simply stick gorgeously patterned tiles to each other to create a square container. Go for the most unique tile pattern you can find!

19. Gradient Planters

Gradient Planters

This easy-to-follow hack will teach you a clever way to turn a boring planter into an attention-grabbing, conversation-starting artwork for any space in your house.

20. Abstract Face Flower Pot

Abstract Face Flower Pot

Are you a thinker? Do you spend most of your time wondering what it means to be a human? This abstract-themed planter is the best way to show your personality.

21. DIY Basket Planter

DIY Basket Planter

With an easy bottom-to-top makeover, you can make a beautiful planter out of a flea-market-found basket. It uses black spray paint, but you can use any of your favorite colors.

22. Wood Dowel Planter

Wood Dowel Planter

Your guests will think that you bought this planter at a nearby boutique. All you must do is cut down square wood dowels and glue those pieces around a pot.

23. Tree Trunk Planter

Tree Trunk Planter

A tree trunk can be transformed into a lot of things, including this gorgeous planter. Smooth out the edges to create a polished final look.

24. Wooden Planter Box

Wooden Planter Box

Planter boxes can significantly enhance the look of a patio or backyard area. Follow this DIY guide to make those planters in a more economical way.

25. Self-Watering Disco Ball Vase

Self-Watering Disco Ball Vase

Are you a fan of bohemian interior design? This compact planter is the perfect way to add a partying spirit to your bedroom or dining room.

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26. Marbled Planter

Marbled Planter

Do you have leftover nail paints at home? This planter project is a great way to make use of them and add a character to any corner.

27. Tomato Cage Plant Stands

Tomato Cage Plant Stands

Make these plant stands if you have unused tomato cages at home. It will show you how turning something practical into a beautiful product is so easy.

28. Fabric Planter

Fabric Planter

Many aspiring growers and plant enthusiasts have been turning to fabric planters thanks to their flexibility and durability. Use this guide to learn how to make them on your own.

29. Modern Bowl Planter

Modern Bowl Planter

Who knows that you can make an adorable planter using cheap bowls and pizza risers? Put it in a corner, and it will definitely become a show-stopper.

30. Geometric Plant Holders

Geometric Plant Holders

Want to fill up an empty vertical space in your house? These plant holders are just what you need to enhance the overall look of a room.

31. Tin Can Planters

Tin Can Planters

This is the perfect project to make if you have a lot of tin cans as well as decorative napkins at home. Spray the cans white for a nice finish.

32. Mini Cactus Planters

Mini Cactus Planters

These mini planters will add adorableness to any desk or office. They are also a great way to upcycle empty cosmetic containers you have at home.

33. 5-Gallon Bucket

5-Gallon Bucket planter

You might be surprised when you know that you can make a cute planter out of a ridiculously easy project! You can use any fabric pattern to cover the bucket.

34. House Number Planter

House Number Planter

A galvanized wall planter will look very boring if you just leave it as it is. Make this DIY planter to add a unique touch to your home exterior.

35. DIY Hands Concrete Planter

DIY Hands Concrete Planter

This beautiful, compact planter is suitable for succulents and other kinds of small indoor plants. It also makes a great gift for a friend!

36. Embroidered Planters

Embroidered Planters

Wait, what? You can actually embroider a solid planter? Read this DIY guide, and you’ll learn how simple it is to make this one-of-a-kind planter.

37. Modular Wall Planter

Modular Wall Planter

This is yet another concrete planter idea on this list. However, this one sticks to the wall, and you can arrange it in any formation you like.

38. Tote Bag Planter

Tote Bag Planter

This is another example of how fun it is to make a planter out of a fabric material. You can even place it outside because it is monogrammed.

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39. Whitewashed Planter

Whitewashed Planter

Do you think your terra cotta planters need a more modern upgrade? Grab a sanding sponge and some chalk paints to make these whitewashed planters.

40. Rainbow Head Eclectic Planter

Rainbow Head Eclectic Planter

When you are looking for something to brighten up your office area, this rainbow head planter is your best bet. It is handpainted and will accommodate any small plant.

41. Protein Powder Tub Planter

Protein Powder Tub Planter

It can sometimes be challenging to make something out of unused protein powder tubs. This guide will show you how to make enchanting planters from them.

42. Teacup Planters

Teacup Planters

Pick up several vintage tea cups, along with the saucers, from the nearby flea market and make stylish planters from them. They will obviously work great for a living room.

43. Polymer Clay Planters

Polymer Clay Planters

Made out of the usual polymer clay you meet every day, these planters can be shaped into any design you want. Just make sure you heat them with enough heat.

44. Old Table Raised Planter

Old Table Raised Planter

This raised outdoor planter will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your patio and backyard, but it will also save your back a great time.

45. Kintsugi Planter

Kintsugi Planter

Kintsugi is a great art form that teaches about the true meaning of life. With this one, you can have a kintsugi piece without breaking anything.

46. DIY Modern Planter

DIY Modern Planter

Elegant planters are great to look at, but have you looked at their price tags? Try this easy DIY project to make lovely planters out of your plastic bowls!

47. Tire Planter

Tire Planter

Do you have used tires in your garage? Don’t throw them away! With just some paint cans and a few basic tools, you can quickly turn them into stylish planters.

48. Crystal Cement Pot

Crystal Cement Pot

Need a way to add elegance to your living room, but you want to do it in a subtle way? This small pot has that unique charm for you!

49. Stenciled Planter

Stenciled Planter

Need a way to make your basic planters look more beautiful? This DIY idea from Lily Ardor will teach you exactly how to do so for under ten dollars!

50. Cutting Board Planter

Cutting Board Planter

This one is both a planter and a cutting board! This is a must-do DIY project for any cook who loves to use fresh herbs in their cooking.


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