18 Ways to Repurpose Candle Jars


Is your home littered with empty candle jars?

Those glass containers are far too beautiful to simply throw away, yet it’s a challenge to find a new purpose for them. If this situation sounds all too familiar, we’ve compiled 18 inventive ways to breathe new life into your used candle jars, turning them into functional and charming pieces.

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Whether you’re interested in enhancing your home décor, looking for unique storage solutions, or seeking crafty weekend projects, our curated list offers something for everyone. From herb planters to chic bathroom organizers, these ideas will not only declutter your space but also add a personalized touch to your surroundings.

So don’t toss those empty jars just yet! Read on to discover how you can repurpose them into something truly special while embracing sustainable living along the way.

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A bunch of candles.
Image source: CandleMakingFun

You’ll appreciate the freedom to blend your own scents and colors with this DIY. Creating your own candles is not only a cost-effective choice, but it also adds a personal touch when gifting them to friends.

A succulent wax candle.
Image source: CandleMakingFun

This craft combines the best of two worlds: the endearing charm of succulents and the soothing ambiance of candles. You can enjoy the beauty of succulents without worrying about their upkeep.

A candle jar repurposed as a succulent pot.
Image source: Can Can Dancer

Turn your empty candle jars into small succulent gardens that spruce up any space. Not only is this a creative form of recycling, but it also offers a trendy, modern touch to your home decor.

Three repurposed candle jars.
Image source: Yesterday On Tuesday

After you’ve cleared out that last bit of wax, your used candle jar serves as a chic candy jar. Fill it with your favorite sweets and place it in your living room as an eye-catching piece.

Q-Tip Repurpose Candle Jar
Image source: From Evija With Love

This ingenious solution helps you elegantly store Q-tips on your dressing table, eliminating the need for unsightly plastic containers. You’ll love how it adds a hint of sophistication to your daily routine.

A candle jar repurposed as a snow globe.
Image source: Mornings On Macedonia

Repurposing candle jars into snow globes gives you festive decor without the mess of water or fake snow. Perfect for households with active kids, these snow globes are as adorable as they are practical.

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A repurposed candle jar as a treat jar,
Image source: Alina Sewing Design Co.

This project enables you to etch your glass candle jars for a personalized touch. Ideal for storing pet treats on your countertop, you can say goodbye to bulky, unattractive plastic containers.

Two candle jars uses as bathroom storage.
Image source: Joy’s Life

Reusing candle jars for bathroom storage allows you to organize your personal care items in style. Whether it’s cotton balls or hair ties, you’ll appreciate how this DIY elevates your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Two glitter containers from candle jars.
Image source: Linds And Bells

Transform those empty Bath and Body Works jars into glittery containers that look great while holding your makeup brushes or hair accessories. This DIY lends a touch of glam to your vanity.

A repurposed candle jar as a make-up organizer.
Image source: BuzzFeed

This DIY helps you organize your makeup products efficiently. Instead of throwing away that depleted candle, transform it into a holder for your brushes, lipsticks, and other beauty essentials.

A candle jar repurposed a small item organizer.
Image source: InstruPix

With this DIY, you can store and sort various small items effortlessly. The transparent glass allows you to quickly locate rubber bands, push pins, or even coins.

Makeup Brush Holder with Split Peas
Image source: Resourceful Soul

This eco-conscious project combines utility and sustainability. Designed for those keen on reducing waste, this DIY makeup brush holder looks good and aligns with your environmental values.

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A clean candle jar.
Image source: Peak & Ponder

Once you’ve figured out how to empty your candle jars, you’ll have versatile, chic containers at your disposal. From storing crafting supplies to loose tea leaves, these jars are a great way to declutter with style.

Essential oil blends in a candle jar.
Image source: Real Homes

If you love immersing your space in captivating scents, then this is a project you’ll appreciate. Once cleaned, your old candle jar can become the perfect vessel for your own custom essential oil blends.

A candle jar repurposed as a vase.
Image source: Finding Silver Linings

You’ll adore the chic transformation of turning your old candle jar into a stylish vase. Without spending a dime on a new vase, you can add a splash of floral beauty to any room.

A custom candle.
Image source: The Honest Consumer

You’ll appreciate the endless design possibilities when you decide to paint your old candle jars. They can transform into statement pieces that add a unique touch to your home décor without breaking the bank.

Two repurposed candle jars as lanterns.
Image source: Yankee Candle

Imagine your garden or balcony illuminated by soft, glowing lanterns. These homemade lanterns, filled with pinecones, craft moss, and fairy lights, will set the mood for any intimate evening or gathering.

Cotton Swab and Wipes Candle Jars made from old candle jars.
Image source: Pinterest

Your bathroom essentials like cotton swabs and wipes don’t have to be tucked away in dull containers. Using a repurposed candle jar, you’ll have a visually appealing and easily accessible storage solution.


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