17-year-old sprains ankle in the middle of Baden-Powell trail, NSR almost called


The Baden-Powell Trail in West Vancouver, known for its breathtaking vistas and challenging terrain, has attracted adventure seekers and nature lovers for generations. For 17-year-old West Vancouver resident, Jaden Choi, this iconic trail was both a playground and a haven. Yet, a recent hike on the Baden-Powell Trail turned into a formidable test of resilience as Jaden faced a sprained ankle and contemplated calling the North Shore Rescue (NSR).

Jaden Choi, a spirited teenager with an inherent love for the outdoors, was no stranger to the local trails of West Vancouver. Growing up amidst the stunning natural beauty of the region, he developed a deep connection with the pristine landscapes surrounding his hometown. The Baden-Powell Trail, with its challenging ascents and rugged beauty, was a place where Jaden often sought solace and adventure.

One day, what started as a routine hike for Jaden turned into an unexpected challenge. As he navigated the winding trail, his journey took a painful turn when he misstepped on uneven terrain, resulting in a sharp pain shooting through his ankle. The injury was a sprain, and he found himself stranded in the midst of the trail, unable to put weight on his injured leg.

The situation became increasingly perilous as Jaden realized he was out of cellular network range. Isolated and in pain, the young hiker had to make a difficult decision about his next steps.

Determined to get help, Jaden crawled to a more visible part of the trail, hoping that fellow hikers might come to his aid. Fortunately, a group of experienced hikers stumbled upon his distress signals and promptly assessed the situation. Recognizing the severity of his injury, they offered their assistance.

Given the remote location and the seriousness of Jaden’s condition, the experienced hikers initially contemplated calling the North Shore Rescue (NSR), a team of highly skilled and dedicated volunteers who specialize in wilderness search and rescue operations in the North Shore Mountains. NSR has a commendable track record of saving lives in challenging outdoor scenarios.

However, Jaden’s fortunes took a turn for the better. With the support of his newfound friends, who skillfully immobilized his injured ankle and administered first aid, he was able to begin the arduous journey back to the trailhead. Thanks to their assistance, Jaden reached safety without requiring the additional aid of NSR.

This incident serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of safety and preparedness when embarking on outdoor adventures, especially on trails as demanding as the Baden-Powell. Even the most experienced hikers can find themselves in precarious situations, making it crucial to possess the skills and resources to respond to emergencies.

Jaden Choi’s story underscores the significance of being prepared for the unexpected and the value of having a supportive community of fellow adventurers who can extend a helping hand during times of crisis. While the allure of outdoor exploration is undeniable, prioritizing safety ensures that everyone can return home safely from their wilderness adventures in West Vancouver.

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